Inspiring you to get out of pain and into movement

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Physiotherapy & Sports Massage Specialists

At Relax&Rehab we are passionate about getting you out of pain and into movement, so that you can achieve your functional, lifestyle and fitness goals, whatever they may be. You will always be welcomed by a warm and friendly smile, feel relaxed and confident in the hands of your therapist and will go home feeling revived and fully equipped to rehab and restore.

Our therapists are registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the Sports Massage Association (SMA). We currently act as treatment providers for BUPA, Cigna Health Care and Simply Health.

Getting you out of pain and into movement

Are you fed up of being in pain? 

Do you hate taking pills?

Are you struggling to get down the stairs or up out of a chair? 

Have you had recent surgery or an injury that is stopping you from reaching your fitness goals?

Is your pain stopping you from doing the things you really love?

At Relax&Rehab we recognise that your ‘dodgy knee’ or ‘low back pain’, will be different to anyone else’s. We believe that your previous experiences and threshold of pain, your habitual postures, your activity and stress levels are all variables that will contribute to the root cause of your pain and will influence the type of treatment you should receive and your response to that treatment. We will explore these variables and tailor your treatment specifically to your needs and goals.

Do you want to...?

... discover and understand why you are in pain? 

... have hands on treatment to reduce your symptoms? 

... relax and reduce tension with massage? 

... learn what you can do to treat yourself? 

... enhance your recovery rate and sporting performance? 

... follow a personalized rehabilitation program? 

... restore your confidence and ability to move? 

... be physically active with your family and achieve your fitness goals?  

YES! Awesome … click on the link below to book your appointment now  

We look forward to working with you  


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